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Welcome to Waihi College

Students who attend Waihi College are given many opportunities to participate in a wide array of educational programmes, activities, events and experiences. Management, staff and students are devoted to the educational needs of our unique rural community and are committed to maintaining a caring, supportive and friendly atmosphere. We are the Waihi College whānau because when you are a part of Waihi College, you are part of our family. Come in, take a look around and strive to achieve your goals.

Important Notice

Posted: 27 May 2020 at 3:01pm

Kia ora Parent and Caregiver

Thank you for your support during the last few months as together we united against the challenges of Covid-19.

Our collective efforts are extremely encouraging and I am delighted that the number of new cases in New Zealand has continued to stay low. 

The PM’s announcement of the extension of numbers of people who can gather to 100 on Friday this week, means that sports teams can start to prepare for their winter season. Please remember to maintain high standards of hygiene and contact tracing.

Moving from Alert Levels 4, 3 and now to level 2 has brought relief for many families and whānau, as many have returned to work and it is once again safe for your children and young people to physically attend school.

It has been great having the majority (approx. 80%) of students back at school and most students have settled back into the “new normal” extremely well. Whilst social distancing has been difficult to manage, the standards of hygiene amongst the students and staff is much higher and our contact tracing records much more accurate. We are also looking forward to welcoming all students who have elected to stay home during Alert level 2 back to school as soon as possible.

Getting back to a normal routine is important for the health and wellbeing of your children, and being around their peers and teachers will help them feel in control and reassured. 

Regularly attending school really matters when it comes to your child’s learning and their future. Please encourage your students to attend school as regularly as possible. 

You will be aware that all students under the age of 16 are legally required to attend school every day, unless they are unwell. If they are unwell, please keep them at home and let us know. 

Stay safe and continue being kind.

Nga mihi aroha

Alistair Cochrane
Waihi College Principal



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